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Gui Grimaldi’s photography career began in 1997 when he started showing his photos in Sao Paulo for business companies. His work caught the eye of Coca-Cola, Avon, HP and many others who offered him a job as a photographer. His photographs garnered positive attention, and before long he was shooting for a variety of top companies and creating great respect on commercial photography, he was the most young photographer to work for important companies of his generation.

Gui Grimaldi’s great images have created the pictures and pages of marketing campaigns of Coca-Cola (Spal – Panamco Spal and later Femsa), AVON marketing and merchandising, intern requests and many more. Later on in 2003, he moved to New York City to study Lighting for the Magazine Photographer at SVA (School of Visual Arts) to empower the quality of his work. He is the Co-Founder of The Clickers, a photo agency based in New York ( with the fine arts photographer and best friend Anderson Zaca, since 2003.

In 2008 Grimaldi moved to London -UK and worked in one of the biggest commercial photo studios in Britain as photographer and retoucher, the experience gained working as a part of a big team was great to open his mind to a new methodology, considering he have been working as independent professional since 1997.

After establishing himself as a fixture in commercial photography in this studio, Grimaldi decided to branch out and study social media, WordPress, Pagecloud and provide services as a consultant.

Gui Grimaldi´s studio is located in the United Kingdom.  For queries please send us a message.

“The mission of the work of Gui Grimaldi is help people and businesses to reach their full potential through an image that represents an ethical and transparent manner.”

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